Uniting All People
Under Our Shared Faith In God
By Helping People In Need.

Jesus taught that Love is the most important principal.
He calls it His commandment.
(John 15:12 "This is my commandment: Love each other")

Loving each other can be simple little acts of kindness and will bring a smile to another person's face. It is one thing that will improve both the giver's and receiver's day, yet so few of us do anything nice for anyone else. We are so busy looking for our own joy that we ignore other people and miss that opportunity for happiness.  Jesus told a story of the Good Samaritan that illustrates acts of kindness can overcome racial, cultural, and even political divisions. This is a great lesson for us today.

Our goal and hope at United Under God, is that by doing kind things for people in our community we will break down barriers and see people thrive. All who are interested in joining with us are most welcome.

Let us join with each other in helping others as requested in 1 Corinthians 1 :10 -
Live in Harmony... Let there be No Divisions... Be One... United in Thought and Purpose.

Let us live Lives of Loving Kindness.

Some of the things we do:

Food Support

Several Food Programs,
Delivery and Pantry/Shopping,
Rotating Selection,
Fresh Produce,
Assorted Meats,
Dairy and Eggs

Yard Work

Cutting Grass,
Trimming Hedges,
Mulching Flower Beds,
Preparing Gardens,
Removing Storm Debris,


General Home Maintenance,
Changing Light Bulbs,
Painting Rooms,
Cleaning Gutters
Clearing Junk,


Moving service,
Relocation Services,
Residential or Small Business,
Donations Transportation,
Estate Clearing,

Would you like to help others people?

Giving to others brings a smile to your own face.
Donate anything. cash, products, food, tools, vehicles, property (short or long term) etc.

Partner with us and help our community

Distribution Partners

Distribute our services from your location.

Sourcing Partners

Donate to us so we can give to those in need.

Service Partners

Work hand in hand with those who need our help.

Stats on Single Moms

Of all babies are born to single mothers
of kids have involved fathers
of single mothers live near poverty level
of single mothers get no assitance

Get In Touch

We would love to hear from you!

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