Helping people overcome the physical and spiritual challenges of life.

How We Help:

Food Support

Several Food Programs,
Food Delivery,
Grocery Pantry/Market,
Hot Meals,
CookOuts/Block Parties,
Student Plans

Service Work

Lawn Care,
Storm Debris Removal,
Garden Prep,
Home Maintenance,
Interior/Exterior Maintenance,
Moving Services,

Org Support

Technology Sharing,
Efficiency Assessment,
Office Tech Assistance,
Cost Evaluations,


Personal Development
Working with All Ages
Find Personal Fulfillment
Identify Your Purpose
Develop Your Mission
Career Advancement

Who We Help:

Working Poor

These are people who are working hard to make ends meet, have one or more jobs (making less than $20/hr) By government guidelines they are not considered to be in poverty but after the most basic expenses (taxes, home, car, health insurance, childcare) there is little to no money left for food, doctor visits, etc. They are invisible and often feel trapped.

More than 80% of Single moms fall in to this group. Since 27% of children in America are raised exclusively by single moms this is a huge percentage of our population.

We are glad to help you provide a better future for your family.

Stats on Single Moms and Kids

Of all babies are born to single mothers
of all kids are raised exclusively by single moms
of single parent homes are working poor/poverty


So many of our families are devastated by divorce. Sadly, when the exes are surveyed they wish they would have stayed committed to the marriage. Marriage is difficult but it is best for everyone husband, wife, and children to stay committed and together. It is said that a divorce is blamed on 10% of things that are not perfect then the divorce causes 80% more problems.

We are here to help couples see the good in each other and the potential of a great family life by staying together. Unity is the best for all involved, for finances, and for the emotional health of the children.


Stats on Family and Divorce

of marriaged end in divorce
of marriages after the first end in divorce
divorces per day in America
of divorces are filed by the wife.


Youth in America are facing a crisis. The stats are alarming. Some surveys show that 60% of American youth do not see a purpose or meaning for their lives. They are being taught that they are just cosmic accidents and many lose hope. Without a greater purpose for their lives many don't see a point in enduring any suffering and turn to suicide.

Suicide has become the 2nd highest cause of death for our youth, 10-24 years old.

One of our highest priorities is reversing this growing trend. We are engaging our youth in works of service, letting them see that helping other people gives an amazing amount of meaning in your own life.


Stats on Youth Suicide

of young people attempt suicide
of young people do not see a purpose or meaning for their lives
more suicide deaths than homicides
suicide death a day for ages 10-24

Would you like to help other people?

Your donations make a significant impact on our local community, help people who are excluded from other assistance programs, and provide a path to self sufficiency.

Donations of all kinds are helpful and appreciated. (cash, products, food, tools, building materials, vehicles, property, etc. (short or long term))

Partner with us and help our community

Product Partners

Donate products from your business to help our local community. We constantly need food (meat, dairy) building material, tools, etc.

Impact Partners

Work with people in need and discover the Joy of Helping Others.
Volunteer and personally experience the greatest satisfaction.

Financial Partners

The easiest way to help others is to give money to support them. All donations help improve lives of people in our local community.

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