Gift Card Details

The Xtra Mile Food Pantry is reaching thousands of people per week with the Love of Jesus. Join the dozens of organizations that are uniting in sharing God’s love in our community.  Be a part of this movement of God.

Gift Card Partnership entails:

  • Each card provides more than $200 value of food, home goods, diapers, tissue, etc.
  • Give your members an opportunity to serve the fatherless, elderly, and poor.
  • Become a part of the Largest movement of God in our community.
  • Partnership levels range from $100 a month and up.
  • One year partnership commitment.
  • Monthly re-supply of cards.
  • Access to centralized recipient management software system.
  • Anyone can redeem cards.


What your partnership goes to support:

  • 3,000 sq/ft store front
  • 40,000 sq/ft distribution warehouse
  • 2,000 sq/ft cooler and freezer space
  • Warehousing equipment and maintenance
  • Operations, utilities and merchandise
  • Trucks and logistics equipment
  • License to Management  Software
  • Development of providers and partners
  • Production of cards and marketing material