Let us be United Under God

  1. Obeying the commandment of Jesus
  2. Showing the world we have something they want (acceptance, love, joy, and hope)

In Luke 10:30, Jesus responded to a question about loving your neighbor. His response was the parable of the Good Samaritan. In conclusion to this lesson Jesus said "Go and do likewise"


We want to help you reach your community with the love of Jesus through service and encourage the Body of Christ to work together.


Service we have to help you:

  1. Services Registry - List your service so people in your community can find you when they are looking for the services you offer
  2. Technology Sharing - Use the technology we have free of charge or at a great discount through our buying group. Visit our Tech.UnitedUnderGod.org site
  3. Idea Sharing - Need ideas of how to reach your community, we have several methods that God has brought to our attention.
  4. Program Assistance - do you need help getting a community outreach/engagement program off the ground. We will help.